Top 5 Staffing Platforms of 2021

Top 5 Staffing Platforms of 2021
When it comes to finding the right candidate for the job — whether that’s the recruiter position or filling an in-house position — there’s a lot to keep track of, including candidate experience, employee referrals, and references, candidate skills, and more. That is where employing a staffing platform to house all of your documents and candidates comes in handy. But with hundreds of staffing platforms available in the market, how do you tell which ones are worth the investment and will help you find those who are assets to your team? We have got you covered with our picks for the top 5 staffing platforms of 2021. Let’s take a look!


One of the leading providers of talent acquisition solutions, this company has the likes of McGraw Hill, Netflix, and Shopify in its client roster. The company was founded in 2012 and shares that its platform is built to tackle the most strategic challenges companies face: growing their teams. Lever offers end-to-end software focusing on diversity and metric-based recruiting, which enables users to source, nurture, interview, hire, and analyze all in one place.

Breezy HR

As its name suggests, this cloud-based addition to our top 5 recruiter staffing platforms of 2021 list boasts an easy, breezy drag and drop UI for its users. It also aims to encourage entire department teams to be a part of the recruiting and hiring process. The Florida-based company’s claim to fame is that it allows unlimited users and candidates, multiple custom pipelines, tons of integrations (think LinkedIn, email, SMS, reporting, and GitHub) all in one platform that also sources, vets, and hires talent.

NetOne Recruiter

If staffing platforms were bowls of porridge, then this Georgia-based self-service recruiter platform would be just right in terms of pricing and offerings. It serves as a marketplace for talent leaders and gig recruiters to directly connect and do business in a host of different industries. What sets NetOne apart from the pack is that in addition to offering a dual-sided platform, they concentrate exclusively focus on recruiters in a way that fosters community and has a laser-focused engagement process. Owners Bill Peters and David Thurmond have a combined 20-plus years of knowledge in the workforce solutions industry, making them genuine assets with a seamless digital platform and solidifying their place as one of our top 5 staffing platforms of 2021.


When you have a tagline like “weaponizing recruitment businesses through tech,” you’ve got to be good at recruiting. Vincere markets itself as an all-in-one platform that is suitable for agencies of all sizes. Its suite of natively built and pre-integrated modules like billing and payments, plus how well it integrates with CRMs like Hubspot, are the reasons why it makes our list of top 5 recruiter staffing platforms of 2021.


An excellent option for smaller companies looking to fill company slots, Workable allows customers to create, draft, and with one click post job openings. Described as well-designed, easy-to-use, and featuring great collaborative tools, this talent acquisition system offers AI-powered candidate recommendations and video interviews. Last but certainly not least, on our roundup of top 5 recruiter staffing platforms of 2021, the company understands the importance of having exceptional support and accommodates by offering live global support in almost every time zone. They also leverage a speedy but fully informed onboarding experience and feature a scalable platform for a more efforless experience.


The constant innovation and evolution of staffing platforms enable companies to stay ahead of the hiring and recruitment rollercoaster. However, trying to pick the perfect recruiter staffing platform can be challenging — there are so many options out there! If you are looking for a secure, one-stop-shop platform that is easy-to-use, checks all of your boxes, and houses everything in a seamless digital hub, then consider NetOne Recruiter for your staffing needs. For more information about our services or to schedule a demo, contact our team today!